Hefty fine to take Leo Moura away from Flamengo

2007-12-11 19:13:47 Xinhua English

BRASILIA, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- To avoid the migration from yet another Brazilian soccer player to Europe, the team from Rio de Janeiro, Flamengo, prolonged the Leo Mourar's contract until 2011.

The amendments to his contract are extraordinary, especially for a player at the age of 29. Now, any team that is interested in the mid-fielder will have to pay more than 6 million Euros, which doubles the previous cost charged to European teams.

"This is the amount we agreed upon. This will be the amount a team will have to pay for him to leave our club," affirmed Eduardo Uram, the player's lawyer.

Although the new contract has been agreed upon, it is yet to be signed by the player. Currently, the Moura's representatives are negotiating with the vice-president of the team, Kleber Leite.

Apart from Flamengo, Leonardo Moura has played for three other teams within Rio de Janeiro: Botafogo, Vasco and Fluminense. He has played in 139 games and has scored 14 goals as a professional.