Chinese shotgun coach unoptimistic about winning women's skeet gold at Olympics

2007-12-12 02:03:23 Xinhua English

KUWAIT CITY, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- China has no advantage in women's skeet to promise gold medal in the Olympic Games, said Sun Shengwei, head coach of China's national shotgun team, on Wednesday.

Currently, Chinese top skeet markswomen include Wei Ning, Zhang Shan and Yu Xiumin, who broke the team world record of the event at the 2007 World Championships with 214 hits.

"But many foreign athletes are in the similar level," said Sun, noting that some shooters from Germany, Russia and Italy were surging rapidly.

In Asia, DPR Korea is becoming a parvenu, whose three shooters to the 11th Asian Shooting Championships all marched into the final of the event on Tuesday, finishing as the champion, third and sixth, and lifting the team to top of the discipline, edging Chinese Yu and Wei to the fourth and fifth places.

In comparison, Sun noted that Wei Ning's status was not as good as four years ago, Yu Xiumin's performance not stable enough to ensure medals, and Zhang Shan has no outstanding results lately, he said.

"Besides, competing in their home country would impose the athletes more pressure," Sun said, "in foreign countries, they couldn't understand the comments of audiences and thus concentrate on their performances. But in next year's Olympics, more audiences are Chinese and their reaction could be a distraction to the athletes."

The coach said that they have decided to simulate the competing condition by inviting students as audiences to their selecting contests, so as to beef up shooters' capacity of emotional control.

"On the other hand, we should learn from DPR Korean athletes of their devotion," he said, " without absolute advantage in the event, all that we could rely on is devotion."