Calamansi juice touted as performance-booster for Filipino athletes

2008-03-23 22:46:50 Xinhua English

MANILA, March 24 (Xinhua) -- Calamansi has been consumed by the Filipinos for long but senior sports officials in the Philippines recently suggested that bottled Calamansi juice could also boost the performance of athletes in strenuous sports.

Sports Coordinator for the northern region of Ilocos, Jun Almazan, said the local-made "Calamansi Juice Ready-to-Drink" is one the reasons behind the province's young athletes' success in a recent regional sports festival, the Philippine News Agency reported Monday.

"It is a nutritious energy drink that could maintain good health," the report said, adding that the drinks have no side effect and contain no chemical additives.

Ilocos governor Deogracias Victo B. Savellano also endorsed the Calamansi juice as a nutritious drink rich in Vitamin C.

Calamansi is widely used in the Philippines as a source of taste-adder but there is still no scientific study available on how Calamansi juice can improve the body functioning. Ilocos officials, however, said they would continue the campaign to promote Calamansi intakes among the country's athletes.