Injured Boston star Irving plans to play with protective mask

2017-11-15 02:10:23 GMT2017-11-15 10:10:23(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

WASHINGTON, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving said he will wear a protective mask to play in the team's game against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday.

"Just trying to get your peripheral version just to stay the same, understanding you've got a piece of plastic on your face. That's about it," said Irving, who added that he will wear the mask for approximately two weeks. "I hate wearing it but somehow it's caused a craze on Instagram as well as social media, it's a masked man. But I understand that it's just for my safety so throw on the mask for a few weeks and go about my business."

Irving said that the remarkable part is that he wasn't concussed by the event.

"At first I was in a daze a little bit. It was such a surprising hit. it's nothing pretty. But it's part of the game," said Irving. "When stuff happens like that, you don't want to get a concussion and be down a little longer than expected. But obviously we took the precautions. I did all my tests to make sure I wasn't having headaches or anything like that, or any lingering effects. Good thing it was isolated right here on my face."

Coach Brad Stevens also said earlier that he was planning on Irving playing game against the Nets.

"It's going to be pain tolerance, comfort with the mask all that stuff," Stevens said. "I'd say that's between him and our medical staff, but he went through everything in practice and hopefully he'll be available. But if not, we'll adjust accordingly."

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