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Andy Lau gives 'The Departed' 8 on scale of 10
2006-10-06 02:26:40 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

HONG KONG, Oct. 6 (AP) -- Andy Lau has given Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" _ a remake of one of this movies _ a score of eight out of 10, but he's unhappy about the use of foul language in the film and that it has only one female lead, a spokeswoman for Lau said Friday.

The upcoming "The Departed," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, is a remake of the Hong Kong crime thriller "Infernal Affairs," which features Lau and Cannes best actor winner Tony Leung Chiu-wai.

"It's correct that he gave it eight on a scale of 10," Lau spokeswoman Alice Tam said, confirming remarks published Friday in the Apple Daily newspaper.

Tam added Lau dislikes the amount of foul language in the remake and that it only has one female lead _ a police psychiatrist played by Vera Farmiga.

"Infernal Affairs" is about a gangster who infiltrates the police (Lau) and a police officer who goes undercover in a gang (Leung). In the original, the two have separate love interests.

In "The Departed," the undercover gangster in the police (DiCaprio) and the undercover policeman in the gang (Damon) both get romantically involved with the police psychiatrist played by Farmiga.

Lau thinks "the effect of combining the two female characters in the original into one isn't as good as in the original," according to Tam.

She also said the veteran Hong Kong actor contrasted his approach to his role to Damon's.

"He said he focused on his character's psychology and that the character didn't look like a bad guy on the surface," Tam said, whereas Damon's portrayal showed his character as an obvious bad guy.

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