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Hacker on trial for stealing bank details
2007-09-20 03:05:10 Shanghai Daily

A MAN from Yunnan Province went on trial in Luwan District People's Court for stealing 163,000 yuan (US$21,447) from a man's online banking account using hacker software.

Bai Yongchun, 32, is a skilled IT employee of a technology company, who downloaded "grey pigeon" software and attacked some Websites in January this year, prosecutors said. After the Websites were attacked, some pages carried a Trojan virus that automatically installs the hacker software into visitors' computers.

Cai Zhong visited one of the Websites and was attacked by the virus, which enabled Bai to control Cai's computer and get all his passwords. He gained his account number, code and electronic authentication certificate. Prosecutors allege that Bai had already decided to steal Cai's money.

In March Bai logged onto the bank's Website, transferred 153,700 yuan to his own account and changed the code on Cai's account.

Police recovered 100,000 yuan in cash and confiscated a laptop bought with the money. No verdict was reached but Bai confessed.

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