Indonesia to develop 2nd generation version of satellite

2008-01-31 22:25:10 Xinhua English

JAKARTA, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- After successfully launching its LAPAN-TUBSAT satellite last year, the Indonesian National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) is preparing to construct a second generation version of the earth surveillance satellite for orbit in 2010.

While the construction of the first satellite took place in Germany, the construction of the next, named LAPAN-A2, will take place in Indonesia entirely under Indonesian engineers, the Jakarta Post daily on Friday quoted Lapan's head Adi Sadewo Salatun as saying.

Lapan has scheduled a procurement and component test for the LAPAN-A2 for this year, an integration and satellite test for 2009and the launch for 2010, Adi said on the sidelines of a seminar on LAPAN-TUBSAT evaluation on Thursday in Bogor, south of Jakarta.

Lapan's deputy of its aviation technology division, Soewarto Hardhienata, said the LAPAN-A2 would have an equatorial orbit, not a polar orbit like the LAPAN-TUBSAT. The equatorial orbit will enable the LAPAN-A2 to pass over the archipelago more frequently.

The LAPAN-A2 will also be equipped with a navigation system that enables ground engineers to control the satellite's position all the time.