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Russia to act as Syria's protective umbrella from foreign meddling?

2012-09-07 02:31:47 GMT2012-09-07 10:31:47(Beijing Time)

By Li Hongmei, Special to Sina English

Syria’s bloodshed sees no sign of cease till now, but a number of Western and Arab nations have been covertly or just openly supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The catch here is that the FSA is suspected of hiring known Al-Qaeda fighters amongst their ranks. So the twist in the tale is that a lot of those countries who are actually sponsoring terrorism in Syria have suffered from deadly terrorism themselves.

Russia will not support any decisions at the UN Security Council that could justify foreign interference in Syria's affairs. This was announced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview for China’s Central Television.

Russia’s Foreign Minister reminded that at an international conference in Geneva in June, permanent members of the Security Council, the European Union and leading countries of the Middle East reached agreement on a resolution of the Syrian conflict, which presupposed putting pressure on all parties to the conflict, urging them to end violence and start negotiations.

Lavrov deemed unfeasible proposals that proceed from the fact that the country’s government will begin the process towards a truce with a unilateral withdrawal of troops from the cities. "This approach is unrealistic, since it is, in point of fact, an appeal to the government for unilateral surrender. Those who call for it, are either naive, or seek to provoke a military intervention," concluded the Minister.

In the meantime, Syria’s Foreign Ministry has condemned Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi for his statements that Syria needs drastic changes not reforms.

Morsi said this at the Arab League session in Cairo Wednesday.

Syria thinks that these words incite violence and are similar to the support of the rebels rendered by some countries which provide them with weapons, shelter and bases.

With regard to the die-hard Syria crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin would have more harsh remarks on the foreign intervention. Recently, he accepted a media interview, in which Putin elaborated on the fallout brought about by the Western meddling into others’ internal affairs, Syria is cited as a typical example.

“When someone aspires to attain an end they see as optimal, any means will do. As a rule, they will try and do that by hook or by crook - and hardly ever think of the consequences. That was the case during the war in Afghanistan, when the Soviet Union invaded in 1979. At that time, our present partners supported a rebel movement there and basically gave rise to Al Qaeda, which later backfired on the United States itself.

Today some want to use militants from Al Qaeda or some other organizations with equally radical views to accomplish their goals in Syria. This policy is dangerous and very short-sighted. In that case, one should unlock Guantanamo, arm all of its inmates and bring them to Syria to do the fighting - it's practically the same kind of people. But what we should bear in mind is that one day these people will get back at their former captors. On the other hand, these same people should bear in mind that they will eventually end up in a new prison, very much like the one off the Cuban shore.”


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