Pope Francis freed by firemen after getting trapped in Vatican lift

2019-09-03 02:49:08 GMT2019-09-03 10:49:08(Beijing Time) Sina English

Pope Francis said Sunday he was late to his weekly Angelus prayer because he had been stuck in a Vatican elevator and had to be freed by firemen.

He followed the tale of his rescue with a surprise announcement about the creation of 13 new, red-hatted cardinals of the Catholic Church - including 10 possible future popes.

"I have to apologize for being late," the smiling 82-year-old pontiff told crowds of faithful patiently waiting for him to appear at his study window overlooking Saint Peter's Square.

"I was trapped in a lift for 25 minutes, there was a power outage and the lift stopped, but then the firemen came," he said.

"Let's give a round of applause to the fire service," he then said, prompting cheers and applause from the crowd.

Italian television networks that live­stream the Angelus had been concerned that the unprecedented seven-minute delay might have been due to health reasons.

Francis seems to have unlimited ­energy despite his age. But he lost part of a lung in his youth, and the occasional grimace bears witness to the sciatic pain that is a near-constant companion.

"There was a moment of great worry over what could have happened to him," said Vania de Luca, Vatican expert for Rai News.

The pontiff did not appear shaken by the episode, giving a little chuckle as he recounted what had happened.

He then unveiled the second surprise of the day: his decision to create 13 new "princes" of the Church next month.

Ten of them are under 80 years old and will therefore be eligible to vote for his successor as members of the college of cardinals, from whose ranks a new pope is chosen. The newcomers hail from North America, Central America, Africa, Europe and Asia as the Argentine pontiff gradually shapes a less European college of cardinals. Vatican experts said the picks showed Francis' particular concern to build bridges with other religions and support migrants - issues close to the pontiff's heart.


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