Blizzards knock out power for thousands in N Sweden

2021-01-12 22:06:10 GMT2021-01-13 06:06:10(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) --- Sweden is experiencing severe weather conditions, with blizzards, floods, icy roads and avalanche warnings reported around the country.

The Swedish weather service SMHI issued the highest Class-3 warning, the first in a decade, as 60 centimeters of snow fell in the Norrland region in the country's north. The Class-3 warning for extreme weather signals potentially dangerous conditions that could cause widespread damage and major disruptions to public services as well as significant traffic problems.

On Tuesday morning, at least 6,000 households experienced power cuts in the region and train traffic came to a standstill, with trees having fallen on the tracks in some places. Flash freezes have also led to precarious conditions on the roads, Swedish media reported.

"It will be challenging to maintain the roads, and not just in the western Norrland region but also in Malardalen (central Sweden) and just south of Stockholm," Bengt Olsson, a spokesperson at the Transport Administration, told Swedish Television.

Some parts of the north have seen fierce gale-force winds, and in the northern mountainous region the avalanche risk level is now at four on a five-point scale.

Petter Palmgren, an avalanche expert at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, told local radio station P4 Jamtland that they were counting on several avalanches on Tuesday alone.

While weather conditions are particularly extreme in the country's north, Class-2 and Class-1 weather warnings have also been issued for several parts of Sweden, with warnings of heavy snowfall and rain and then flash freezes due to an overnight cold front. Enditem