Spring Festival transport peak
Spring Festival travel causes problems
SHANGHAI, Feb. 16(Xinhuanet)-- In less than six weeks, about 1.97 billion passenger trips were taken in China for the Spring Festival holiday, most of them by train and bus.
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Chinese embrace Spring Festival
China welcomes 1.3 billionth citizen
Measures to better protect rural migrant workers in cities
Coming to the sperm rescue
"Plastic beauty" loses lawsuit against pageant organizer
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China witnesses biggest travel season
NATPE 2005 Conference & Exhibition
"Dynamic Yunnan", a journey dancing far into the land
Translation industry big but not strong
Foreigners enjoy living, travelling in China
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Eight Chinese kidnapped in Iraq
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Passenger flow peaks in Guangzhou
A new transport peak spiked in the past three days as the week-long lunar New Year holidays wrapped up Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands, studying and working away from
Spring Festival travel causes problems
In less than six weeks, about 1.97 billion passenger trips were taken in China for the Spring Festival holiday, most of them by train and bus. China's
Passenger peak appears after Spring Festival
China's rails, roads, boats and airlines are receiving a surge of passengers, as people return to work from the Spring Festival holidays in their hometown and
Expressways transport most passengers during peak travel season
Expressways transport most of the people who visit home or travel during the peak travel season, the Ministry of Communications said here Sunday. Chinese
Chinese hit the rails by the millions for Lunar New Year
They swamp the rails every year _ millions of giddy travelers who brave crowds, germs, pickpockets and standing for hours on lurching trains to make it home for China'
Train ticket scalpers under arrest in Shanghai
The Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau announced yesterday it solved 276 train ticket scalping cases, seizing 544 suspects and 2,945 train tickets worth more than 420,000
Ministry provides info for travelers
The Ministry of Communications is releasing information on expressway traffic during the peak travel season around the Spring Festival, or China's Lunar New
Faster border crossing set for Spring Festival in Shenzhen
A total of 5.8 million passengers are expected to cross the Luohu Checkpoint during this year's New Year holidays. "During this year's Spring Festival travel
Festival tickets nearly sellout in Guangdong
Pre-festival long-distance train tickets from Guangzhou have almost sold out. According to the group, the Guangzhou ticket office sold a record 174,290
Pre-festival train tickets sold out in Shenzhen
Tickets for long-distance trains departing Shenzhen Railway Station and Shenzhen West Railway Station between Feb. 1 and 7 were sold out by Sunday noon, the Guangshen
Beijing sees first passenger peak for Spring Festival
Beijing railways saw the first passenger peak Monday when more than 250,000 passengers left the national capital by train, rushing home for a family reunion
Shanghai adds subway trains for festival peak
Unclaimed tickets back on sale
More than 40,000 unclaimed train tickets booked by telephone in Shenzhen last week would be returned to the database for resale, Shenzhen railway officials said.
Spring Festival transport peak season begins
China's rails, roads, boats and airlines are gearing up for the Spring Festival transport peak, a 40-day season that began on Tuesday. The country's
260 pairs of temporary direct trains for peak travel season
A record 260 pairs of temporary trains will be launched on China's railways for the peak travel season, according to the Ministry of Railways here Tuesday.
Heading home for Spring Festival
China to transport 1.97b people in Spring Festival
The number of passengers is expected to reach 1.97 billion during China's Spring Festival transport season, a 40-day period due to beginning on Tuesday, according
Beijing prepares for Spring Festival passenger rush
Beijing's transportation departments are ready to handle hundreds of millions of people rushing home for a family reunion during the coming Spring Festival, or
Students flock home
A college student, carrying a toy dog in her arm, heads for Zhengzhou Railway Station with her companion, Jan. 20, 2005. China is experiencing a peak travel period when college
Guangzhou prepares for travel peak
To relieve overcrowding at the Guangzhou Railway Station during the Spring Festival travel period, a 3,500-square-meter temporary waiting zone and another waiting room for
Temporary trains arranged for students
Special trains send students home
The Beijing Railway Administration has added extra train services for students and migrant workers travelling home from Beijing during the Spring Festival. The trains
New projects for 2005 spring festival transport
The Ministry of Railways has brought in 242 trains to start running. This is part of a three-point project to deal with basic transport, rush hours and unexpected incidents.

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