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The first session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC),or the parliament, will hold its fourth plenary meeting on Tuesday afternoon to hear the explanation of the plan for institutional restructuring of the State Council, to be given by State Councilor Hua Jianmin, who is also Secretary General of the State Council.more>>

Premier Wen Jiabao meets press

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao held a press conference on Tuesday morning, following the conclusion of the annual session of the National People's Congress.

Session of NPC

  • President Hu meets Hong Kong, Macao chief executives (Mar 18, 12:59 GMT)
  • Chinese president says to serve the people, pledges clean governance (Mar 18, 01:44 GMT)
  • First Session of 11th NPC concludes (Mar 18, 01:41 GMT)
  • List of ministerial members of China's Cabinet (Mar 17, 08:19 GMT)
  • Top legislature endorse new Cabinet lineup (Mar 17, 08:43 GMT)
  • Li Keqiang, Hui Liangyu, Zhang Dejiang, Wang Qishan approved as Chinese vice-premiers (Mar 17, 08:03 GMT)
  • China's new state councilors approved (Mar 17, 08:08 GMT)
  • Leaders elected to top posts (Mar 17, 09:30 GMT)
  • China's parliament to approve members of Cabinet (Mar 17, 02:37 GMT)
  • Chinese parliament approves premier, CMC vice-chairmen (Mar 16, 03:07 GMT)
  • Hu Jintao reelected Chinese president (Mar 15, 03:36 GMT)
  • New leaders elected at NPC plenary meeting (Mar 15, 03:54 GMT)
  • Hu Jintao reelected chairman of Central Military Commission (Mar 15, 03:37 GMT)
  • Xi Jinping elected Chinese vice-president (Mar 15, 03:36 GMT)
  • Wu Bangguo reelected chairman of NPC Standing Committee (Mar 15, 02:58 GMT)
  • Li Jianguo elected secretary-general of NPC Standing Committee (Mar 15, 03:04 GMT)
  • Jia Qinglin reelected chairman of China's top political advisory body (Mar 13, 09:39 GMT)
  • Candidate namelist of China's new leadership finalized (Mar 14, 10:02 GMT)
  • Chinese President appoints new ambassadors to Frannce, Monaco, EU (Mar 12, 16:51 GMT)
  • China's top procurator delivers work report (Mar 10, 02:24 GMT)
  • China's top judge delivers report on work of Supreme People's Court (Mar 10, 01:09 GMT)
  • President Hu stresses stable food prices, supply of farm produce (Mar 09, 13:56 GMT)
  • Top Chinese leaders deliberate government work report with NPC deputies (Mar 05, 14:40 GMT)
  • Museum directors add culture to congress agenda (Mar 05, 06:42 GMT)
  • Premier ensures employees in China to have paid vacations (Mar 05, 03:13 GMT)
  • Chinese Premier promises to crack down on illegal employment (Mar 05, 03:13 GMT)
  • China to introduce shareholding system into agriculture bank (Mar 05, 02:50 GMT)
  • China to stipulate, update 7,700 food, drug standards (Mar 05, 02:43 GMT)
  • Chinese Premier pledges hefty investment schemes under tight monetary policy (Mar 05, 02:25 GMT)
  • Premier: governors, mayors held responsible for "rice bags," "vegetable baskets" (Mar 05, 02:22 GMT)
  • Premier: China to keep year's CPI rise around 4.8% (Mar 05, 02:12 GMT)
  • Premier: China targets 8-percent GDP growth in 2008 (Mar 05, 02:10 GMT)
  • Premier says China's state sector robust (Mar 05, 01:27 GMT)
  • Premier: China reports drops in energy consumption, pollution in 2007 (Mar 05, 01:21 GMT)
  • Facts & Figures: annual report on China's development plan (Mar 05, 01:04 GMT)
  • China's parliament starts annual session (Mar 05, 01:02 GMT)
  • Highlights of Chinese Premier Wen's gov't work report (Mar 05, 00:24 GMT)
  • Presidium, agenda set for China's landmark parliamentary session (Mar 04, 04:20 GMT)
  • Session of CPPCC

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    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao held a press conference on Tuesday morning, following the conclusion of the annual session of the National People's Congress. more>>

    The government's determination to curb corruption is a highlight at this year's top political event. One member of the CPPCC suggests the Party should better study the roots of corruption, in order to stop it happening all together. more>>

    The NPC has some 3,000 deputies from all across the country. This new term is seeing a large proportion of new, younger faces. more>>