Mon, March 16, 2009

Obama lifts stem cell ban

Obama lifts limit on embryonic stem cell research, scientists hail

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday issued an executive order that allows federal money to fund expanded embryonic stem cell research, which scientists say is "a great advance for science in general and America in particular." Full story


Stem cell

Stem cells are master cells that have the ability to transform themselves into other cell types, including those in the brain, heart, bones, muscles and skin.


How do you think medical research using stem cells obtained from human embryos?
Morally acceptable.
Morally wrong.




Stem cell go-ahead puts Obama at odds with pope

2009-03-11 08:12:18 GMT SINA English VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – President Barack Obama's lifting of restrictions on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research puts him at odds with Pope Benedict and the American Roman Catholic Church.

Researchers see big boost in stem cell research

2009-03-11 08:06:26 GMT SINA English WASHINGTON (AFP) – Researchers seeking to unlock the mechanisms of human disease will get a big boost from President Barack Obama's decision to lift US barriers on embryonic stem cell research, scientists said.

Calgary biotech firm poised to benefit from Obama reversal of stem cell ban

2009-03-11 08:05:08 GMT SINA English CALGARY - Stem cell research is expected to thrive now that U.S. President Barack Obama has overturned his predecessor's restrictions on research in that area, says the chief executive of a Canadian biotech firm working on drugs used to help after a stroke.

Backgrounder: Stem cell

2009-03-11 07:39:45 GMT Xinhua English WASHINGTON, March 9 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday issued an executive order that allows federal money to fund expanded embryonic stem cell research. The following are answers to some common questions about stem cells:

Obama lifts limit on embryonic stem cell research, scientists hail

2009-03-11 07:38:22 GMT Xinhua English by Xinhua writer Ren Haijun

Research on human embryonic stem cell expands in U.S.

2009-03-11 05:52:34 GMT Xinhua English A human embryonic stem cell line derived at Stanford University is seen in this handout photo released to Reuters by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, March 9, 2009.

World reactions


Analysis: Stem cell payoff wait's decades not days

2009-03-16 09:37:03 GMT For all the past week's headlines about embryonic stem cells' medical promise there is a sobering reality: The science to prove that promise will take years, probably too long for many of today's seriously ill.

SKorea to consider lifting ban on stem cell research

2009-03-11 08:11:45 GMT SINA English SEOUL (AFP) – South Korea will decide soon whether to lift a three-year ban on human stem cell research using human eggs, officials said Tuesday.

Stem cell decision exposes religious divides

2009-03-11 08:11:16 GMT SINA English The embryonic stem cell research debate is steeped with religious arguments, with some faith traditions convinced the research amounts to killing innocent life, others citing the moral imperative to alleviate suffering, and plenty of religious believers caught somewhere in between.

51% - Stem Cell Support

2009-03-11 08:10:01 GMT SINA English With an executive order, President Obama lifted the limits on funding for human embryonic-stem-cell research yesterday, research supported by 51% of Americans in a September 2007 Pew Research survey. While a majority say it is more important to conduct stem-cell research that might result in new medical cures, 35% say protecting the potential life of embryos is more important.

Stem-cell decision outrages Vatican and religious conservatives

2009-03-11 08:08:24 GMT SINA English THE decision by the US President, Barack Obama, to end the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research in the US has drawn swift condemnation from the Vatican and has galvanised opposition from conservative Republicans.

Stem cell decision sets off ethics debate in Mid-South

2009-03-11 08:03:52 GMT SINA English President Barack Obama's decision to lift the ban on funding human embryonic stem cell research has touched off a morality struggle between religious believers.