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Steve Jobs resigns from Apple, Cook becomes CEO

Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs on Wednesday resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc in a stunning move that ended his 14-year reign at the technology giant he co-founded in a garage.

Meet the new Apple CEO

Cook's vision center stage after Jobs' departure

Tim Cook, the small-town football fanatic turned chief executive of the world's largest technology company, long faced the question of whether he had the same remarkable vision as his predecessor Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs, tech industry's first rock star

In a career that spans four decades, Jobs has revolutionized computers, animated movies and the music industry, turning his personality into a business philosophy which is praised and worshiped by fans, entrepreneurs and political figures around the world. Under the leadership of Jobs, Apple has written one of the greatest corporate comeback stories of all time.


Key dates in health problems of Apple's Jobs

Steve Jobs resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc on Wednesday, but will stay on at the company as chairman. The 56-year-old Apple co-founder and pancreatic cancer survivor had been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since January 17. Here is a chronology of his health issues.

Apple's Board of Directors