Hu's Cambodia visit to strengthen ties

President Hu Jintao arrived at Phnom Penh on Friday to strengthen ties between the nations, just days before Cambodia hosts a regional summit.

Chinese delegation says BRICS summit a success

Leaders of the five-nation BRICS bloc have reached important consensus in a just-concluded summit here, the Chinese delegation said.


Hu Jintao

Hu Jintao

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of PRC, Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of PRC.


Poll: Top 5 issues in President's trip

President Hu Jintao will kick start his first overseas trip of the year on 26th this month, and, acting on the schedule released by China’s Foreign Ministry, he will attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul from March 26 to 27, attend the fourth BRICS Summit in New Delhi from March 28 to 29 and pay a state visit to Cambodia from March 30 to April 2.

His to-be trip draws tremendous public attention both at home and abroad. What issues do you think could make Top 5 in President’s portfolio on this trip?

Please choose 5 out of 10 statements

Regional and global nuclear security
Specifics to dissuade DPRK from developing nuclear programs
To further enhance China’s good-neighborly relationship with ASEAN countries
To find solutions to South China Sea disputes with the countries concerned
To call on the BRICs countries to work together building a new world order
To strengthen cooperation with BRICs and other developed countries in the face of recovering but still sluggish global economy
Talks with India in terms of border issues and the Dalai Lama issue
To seek possibilities US and EU could ease restrictions on hi-tech exports to China
To win over Cambodia and other ASEAN countries to fend off the U.S. intervention
To broaden space for China-India win-win cooperation

In Cambodia More>>

The upcoming visit of Chinese president Hu Jintao to Cambodia next week will build closer ties between the two countries, China and ASEAN as the visit is coincided with the 20th ASEAN Summit. [Full story]


Basic facts about Cambodia

Basic facts about Cambodia

Situated in southern Asia, Cambodia borders Thailand to its west and northwest, Laos to its northeast, Vietnam to its east and southeast and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. Its capital is Phnom Penh.

4th BRICS Summit More>>

A more dynamic group of major emerging economies will not only strengthen cooperation among themselves, but also help promote global development and build a more constructive relationship between the developing and developed economies. [Full story]


BRICS members should have bigger say

BRICS members should have bigger say

As one antidote to the current global economic malaise, BRICS should have a bigger say and play a more important role in the world economic mechanism.

Nuclear Security Summit More>>

With the theme of strengthening the security of nuclear material and nuclear facilities, the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul will place emphasis on promoting national strategy and international cooperation on nuclear security. [Full story]

Nuclear Security Summit 2010

Nuclear security summit ends with pledge, plan to thwart nuclear terrorism

Nuclear security summit ends with pledge, plan to thwart nuclear terrorism

Leaders and representatives from 47 states ended a nuclear security summit, pledging to prevent terrorists from obtaining nuclear weapons by securing vulnerable nuclear materials around the world in four years.

President Hu's oversea visits in 2011

President Hu attends APEC summit
President Hu attends APEC summit

Nov.10 -- Nov.14, 2011

Chinese president winds up Eurasia tour
Chinese president winds up Eurasia tour

June 12 -- June 20, 2011