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·World leaders hail successful SZ-6 space mission 19/10 20:45
·Bulgaria congratulates China on successful mission 18/10 20:08
·World hails Shenzhou VI adventure 17/10 20:36
·Overseas Chinese in Myanmar hails successful mission 17/10 20:29
·SZ-6 landing makes headline news around world 17/10 00:29
·Overseas Chinese in Cameroon hail SZ-6 success 16/10 21:50
·Chirac congratulates China on spaceship return 16/10 19:56
·China to fortify presence in world's space club 15/10 06:47
·China keeps reaching for the stars 15/10 02:50
·China catches up quickly in space program 14/10 17:43
·Shenzhou-6 boosts passion in scientific innovation 14/10 10:40
·SZ-6 propells road towards space station:foreign experts 13/10 20:02
·Russia calls for more space cooperation with China 13/10 20:00
·Uruguayan newspapers hail successful launch of SZ-6 13/10 19:21
·China reaches world level in spacecraft-recovery tech 13/10 05:00
·BCPFA hails China's launch of manned spacecraft 13/10 02:31
·Uganda welcomes China's new start of access to space 13/10 01:25
·UPI: China's space program shows wise planning 13/10 01:17
·China makes rapid strides into space: French expert 12/10 20:43
·NASA looking forward to astronauts' safe return 12/10 18:35
·Astronaut league welcomes Chinese comrades 12/10 18:28
·World acclaims launch 12/10 17:58
·Roskosmos wishes Chinese cosmonauts success 12/10 09:07
·Japan hails China's successful launch of Shenzhou VI 12/10 08:23
·China enters new era of space history 12/10 07:20
·AP: SZ-6 launch heightened China's space superpower 12/10 04:26
·French media: China's space program thriving 12/10 04:11
·Singapore hails China's successful launch of spacecraft 12/10 03:45
·China's spaceflight makes headline around the world 12/10 02:46
·Indian media: SZ-6 mission a great leap forward for China 12/10 02:16
·AFP: SZ-6 launch "opens a new chapter" 12/10 00:56
·European astronaut wishes China success in mission 11/10 21:20
·US expert lauds China's launch of 2nd manned misson 11/10 20:24
·SZ-6 mission marks start of manned space experiments 09/10 07:35

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