SZ-6 landing makes headline news around world
2005-10-17 00:29:01 Xinhua English

BEIJING, Oct. 17 -- The successful return of China's second manned spaceship on Monday morning has drawn worldwide attention and become a great hit in major media around the globe.

The world's three major news agencies all followed the news about the return of Shenzhou VI spacecraft. AFP filed a story titled "China's Shenzhou VI a leap forward from maiden voyage". Reuters, AP and AFP reported the landing at the first time.

News about Shenzhou VI spacecraft was also highlighted in the headline of the CNN Website.

The Web page of the British newspaper, Financial Times, carried a picture featuring the two Chinese astronauts, all smiles, posing besides the re-entry capsule.

The influential New York Times carried on its Website a story titled " Chinese Astronauts Land".

Another famous American newspaper Washington Post also posted a story named "Chinese Astronauts Return" on its Website.

The Singapore-based Straits Times carried the story titled "Chinese astronauts return to Earth safely".

The launch of Shenzhou VI has made its way into the Google News, which has published news items and photos from different sources, with links of 760 related stories by press time.

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