Hunan province severely affected by Fengshen

2008-06-30 02:25:33 GMT       2008-06-30 10:25:33 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


The tropical storm is also affecting Chenzhou city, in central China's Hunan province. In the worst hit area, heavy rainfall has triggered mudslides, cutting transport links and power supplies.

Datang is the most severely affected district in Chenzhou, with about 100 millimeters of rainfall recorded in one hour.

Heavy rain has set off mudslides, and a waterpipe at a hydropower generator has been damaged, cutting off road access to some villages.

Communication links and power supplies have also been hit. Around 500 people have been evacuated from along the river and are sheltering at local schools and government buildings.

Li Zhiping, Official of Datang Town said "We have sealed off damaged roads, no cars or people are allowed to pass. We've evacuated people from dangerous areas and staff are patrolling the river, reminding the public to stay away from it."

The local government has issued a level two alert, and ordered houses along the river to be evacuated. A hydropower station and dam are being monitored.

Forecasters say heavy downpours will linger in the area over the next two days. And authorities are gearing up for possible flooding.

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