Beichuan reconstruction underway: Basic facilities top priority

2008-06-30 05:59:59 GMT       2008-06-30 13:59:59 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


Quake-battered Beichuan is moving its county government to a safer place. Workers are still focusing on relocating survivors and a reconstruction program.

Officials for Beichuan reconstruction are working at a school in near-by Anxian County, despite the threat of aftershocks.

Basic facilities top the list for rebuilding Beichuan. Those for communications are the most essential.

Work is underway in this courtyard. The workers began after being pulled out of collapsed buildings, though one of them lost his wife and child in the quake.

Ai Guangming, China Mobile Mianyang Subsidiary, said, "There were 19 people in our company. 6 were missing in the earthquake, and 6 were seriously injured."

7 survivors and 5 from other subsidiaries--the 12 people are planning the layout of the new communication facilities of Beichuan.

It's been a month and half since the quake. Survivors are trying to figure out how to rebuild their homes.

Many people in Beichuan are trying to salvage anything they can.

And people have started to distribute relief materials all by themselves.

Having a sense of purpose helps them resume their normal lives.

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