Beichuan closed again for epidemic prevention

2008-06-30 06:04:29 GMT       2008-06-30 14:04:29 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


The seat of Beichuan County, one of the areas worst hit by the Sichuan earthquake, has been sealed off again for epidemic prevention. Signs that read "Special Control" have been put up. And police have set up checkpoints on roads leading to Beichuan. Only police and medical workers with special passes are allowed to enter. The region's public security bureau says the hot weather has worsened the stench of the remaining bodies.

And local residents who come back to retrieve possessions among the ruins increase the work of the disease prevention authorities. The closure is expected to last for some time, during which the town will be disinfected daily. Only half of Beichuan's over 12,000 residents survived the May 12th quake.

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