Chinese Vice President stresses priority of relocating victims

2008-06-30 06:07:51 GMT       2008-06-30 14:07:51 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


Chinese Vice president Xi Jinping is in Sichuan province to inspect reconstruction work after the May 12th earthquake. He praised party members' efforts and encouraged them to work together more closely.

Vice President Xi Jinping has inspected many quake-hit areas, including Youxian, Pingwu, Beichuan, Dujiangyan and Wenchuan.

In Yingxiu township, Xi Jinping visited workers busy trying to get a quake-damaged road repaired. He thanked them and encouraged them to work harder so this key road can re-open as soon as possible.

Xi Jinping stressed that relocating quake victims is top on the agenda of reconstruction work. He called for the local authority to combine self reliance with the help of central government's assistance.

Xi Jinping felt relieved when hearing most of the students affected by the earthquake are now back at school.

He pointed out that an organized and united local government can resolve difficulties and respond to any risk.

On Sunday afternoon, Vice President Xi Jinping attended a meeting with local authorities. They studied better ways to conduct reconstruction work. Xi Jinping says the scientific outlook on development is important, as it demands equal emphasis on reconstruction work and economic and social development.

On Saturday, Xi Jinping met delegations from the Hong Kong and Macao SAR governments in quake-hit Sichuan. The two delegations are headed by Hong Kong SAR's Chief Executive Donald Tsang and Macao SAR's Chief Executive Ho Hao Wah.

Xi Jinping spoke highly of their contributions to relief and reconstruction work. He also updated the delegations on the latest information on reconstruction and expressed the central government's resolution to make every effort to rebuild the quake-hit areas.

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