Rice visits quake-hit China region

2008-06-30 07:16:57 GMT       2008-06-30 15:16:57 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has also visited China's earthquake-hit area to deliver condolences from the United States and show support to the Chinese people.

During her trip to the city of Dujiangyan, she told reporters she's impressed by local's spirit of determination, as well as the Chinese government's effective response to the disaster.

Condoleezza Rice arrived in Chengdu on Sunday morning after she wrapped up a visit to the Republic of Korea.

The Secreatry of State visited the quaki-hit city of Dujiangyan right after her arrival. According to China's Foreign Ministry, the US government has provided 2.6 million dollars in donations and relief materials to Sichuan.

Rice says she wants to see the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake, and to personally deliver condolences from the US.

Rice said, "I wanted to come because the American people care very deeply what ahppened here."

Rice received a warm welcome at Dujiangyan's biggest relocation center, which holds around 10 thousand people.

She talked with both residents and relief workers to find out how people are helping each other.

The US Secretary of State says she's impressed with the recovery work and the resiliency, and spirit of the people she met.

On China's unprecedented openness to receive international and afte the earthquake, Rice says it is a positive step.

Rice said, "I can see that the efforts .... but no one can do it alone... join together as a community..."

Rice says the US government will continue to mobilize public and private resources to help with relief, and she hopes to see a full recovery of local life soon.

Condoleezza is the highest-ranking US official who visited China's earthquake-hit region so far. On behalf of the US government, the Secretary of State says the US will continue to offer support for the reconstruction process.

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