Heavy rains drench South and East China, cause landslides

2008-07-01 02:15:06 GMT       2008-07-01 10:15:06 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


Tropical storm Fengshen has caused heavy rains in southern and eastern China, causing landslides and forcing residents to evacuated their homes. Intensive relief work is currently underway.

Heavy rains this summer have racked havoc in many parts of the country.

South China's Guangdong had already suffered a month of heavy rain. Tropical Storm Fengshen brought new misery, killing 14 people and leaving nine others missing. The heavy rain flooded many roads.

In the Pearl River Delta, the downpours swelled rivers in Zengcheng and Shenzhen, along with Conghua, Heyuan, Huizhou.

In Shenzhen, two days of constant rain flooded many areas and stranded cars.

In Deqing county, 229 millimeters of rain fell within 24 hours and floods forced the evacuation of 15 thousand people.

On Saturday, Fengshen brought more heavy rain to Anhui Province in the east, threatening floods along the Yangtze River. Authorities are patrolling the river banks and organizing the transfer of huge quantities of sand and stone to strengthen the dikes.

Forecasters expect rainstorms to continue across much of China on Monday.

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