US delegation visits China´s quake-hit zone

2008-07-02 02:05:24 GMT       2008-07-02 10:05:24 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


A US delegation has visited quake-hit areas of Sichuan province. As CCTV reporter, Mao Xuzhi, explains, members aim to assess the devastation and work out a strategy to help with reconstruction.

This is the main street of Yingxiu, the epicenter of the devastating earthquake. The quake caused this mountain to move 20 meters from its original place.

Relief work have been working and camping here for over a month to help locals rebuild their lives.

The town was almost completely reduced to rubble. It will be difficult to ease the pain caused by the disaster.

CTV reporter Mao Xuzhi said, "This used to be the place where the Yingxiu Primary School is located. The whole campus has collapsed. About half of the student and faculty members died in the earthquake."

The May 12th earthquake has generated huge international concern.

The US delegation's trip to Yingxiu follows on a trip to China by the US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. The delegation includes more than 30 government officials, global business CEOs and NGO representatives.

The visitors listened to the accounts of survivors, who had ben isolated from the outside world for over 40 hours before rescuers arrived.

The United States says its business sector has given 100 million dollars in donations and relief materials through NGOs and other channels to the quake-hit region. The US government is mobilizing the private sectors to see what they can do next.

Henrietta Fore, Administrator of US Agency for Int'l Development, said, "It's a public private partnership. We are here together to look at the problems and achievements and see what we might help in the future."

At a temporary hospital, the visitors spoke to patients, volunteers and relief workers. They were amazed by the devastation and the scale of support needed. But they were impressed with the human spirit to overcome hardships.

Gail Mcgovern, CEO of American Red Cross, said, "We read about it in the newspaper. But when you see it incredible government is doing an amazing job.."

The delegation says its next step of assistance will mainly focus on health, education, and communication. They are committed to supporting the reconstruction process.

China's Ministry of Commerce said the US delegation will discuss further details of the support with government officials

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