Quake-hit Sichuan students ready for exam

2008-07-03 06:27:15 GMT       2008-07-03 14:27:15 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


The college entrance examination in some of the cities affected by the Sichuan earthquake will be held over the next three days. All facilities are now in place and students say they are ready for the exam.

Mianyang middle school is the largest examination facility in Mianyang city, holding 4,000 students. Temporary houses have been set up, with new chairs and desks. Some students are preparing here.

A student said, "We like to study here, since the conditions are good, and we can adapt to the surroundings."

The exam has been put off for nearly a month. Teachers have given students some guidance on how to get the best results. And evacuation measures are in place in case of any emergencies.

A student said, "I have studied what I should remember. Now what we should do is try to be relaxed."

Teacher Sun Changjun said, "Three teachers are dispatched to each classroom. One of them is responsible for the surrounding conditions. If an aftershock happens, the teacher will organize the evacuation."

Weizhou middle school is the only examination facility in Wenchuan. 400 students have come here to study since June 1st. The school is providing food and living quarters.

7,000 students in Ya'an are also expected to participate in the exam.

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