Prisons in quake zone offer reunion visits to prisoners

2008-07-04 05:40:02 GMT       2008-07-04 13:40:02 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


Prisons in Sichuan are helping inmates to get in touch with their quake-hit families. Authorities have not only allowed them to send text messages and make phone calls to relatives, but also offered reunion visits to some of them.

Wang Fuyu has had a dark past and is now serving a life sentence for murder and arson. Wang was sentenced to death, but her good behavior in prison and efforts to reform herself have won her a reprieve. Wang lost her father and niece in the recent earthquake.

This is a special day for her.

Instead of allowing Wang's family to visit her in prison, the authorities decided to escort Wang to see her quake-hit home and relatives.

Wang is about to meet her family out of prison for the first time since she was jailed. This is a journey full of excitement, as well as anxiety and sadness.

Wang's home is in Juyuan Town near Dujiangyan City, one of the areas worst-hit by the earthquake.

The house she knew so well was flattened. Her surviving relatives now live in tents.

Wang Fuyu said "Please sit down, mom, please sit down. I believe with the government's help, your life will get better soon."

Wang then met with her younger brother and sister-in-law, who lost their son in the quake.

Wang Fuyu said "When I heard about the death of my niece, I was so sad that I couldn't eat."

Guards from Wang's prison sent their condolences and donated 1,000 yuan to help the family recover. After the first family gathering in 3 years, the family went to sweep the tombs of their departed loved ones. It's time for Wang Fuyu to go back to prison.

The prison guards say if Wang continues to reform herself, she may not have to wait her whole life to go back home for good.

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