China sets new subsidy plan for May 12 quake survivors

2008-07-14 08:56:15 GMT       2008-07-14 16:56:15 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


The Chinese government is set to modify its temporary subsidy plan for Sichuan earthquake survivors. Each survivor experiencing financial hardship will be eligible for 200 yuan per month in financial assistance, starting from September.

A statement issued after the meeting said the government has decided to continue financial assistance after the present policy ends in August.

Some survivors will be eligible for a subsidy of more than 200 yuan each. The new policy does not include any food allotment, and it is set to expire in November.

The policy will cover survivors including orphans, the elderly and the disabled who have no family support, people whose relatives were killed or severely injured and those who were displaced or whose homes were destroyed.

Under the current policy, every survivor requiring assistance has been eligible to receive 10 yuan and 500 grams of food a day.

This current policy covers about 8.82 million people.

The government decided to modify the policy because people in most of the quake hit areas have now resumed their normal lives.

The meeting demanded a committee of experts on the earthquake to keep monitoring aftershocks in the quake zone for another two months.

The committee was also told to forecast areas at risk of major secondary disasters and evaluate possible losses to help reconstruction. The experts were also told to locate sites where quake debris can be stored for long periods for later investigation and take measures to protect such sites.

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