Life in earthquake zone getting back to normal

2008-07-14 08:58:40 GMT       2008-07-14 16:58:40 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


Exactly two months ago, the most devastating earthquake in decades hit Sichuan province. But with the help of government funding and international aid, life there is getting back to normal.

In Yingxiu town, where once there was only rubble, the People's Liberation Army have built nearly 3000 temporary houses.

It's transformed not only the landscape, but also the lives of thousands of quake survivors, who recently moved from tents into these houses.

Residents in this community easily get meat and vegetables from this market street. They can also buy daily necessities at a fair price.

Supplies in the quake zone must travel over mountainous roads.

Some of these roads are blocked, like this one linking Yingxiu to nearby Wenchuan county.

It's hoped that by the end of August, repairs on the 55-kilometer road will be done.

In Pengzhou city, coping with the summer heat is a big concern.

One way for people to take their minds off the temperature is to keep busy.

And residents seem fairly satisfied with life in general.

Pengzhou resident, said, "The house might not be very spacious, but we have a place to live nevertheless. Plus we sleep well, eat well. A kitchen has been set up so we have a place to cook as well. In the past three months, government gave us relief allowances. With money and food, we are really content with our lives.

And these kids have the time to just be kids.

It's hoped that with more aid and care coming from around the world, these scenes will be a common sight throughout the whole quake zone.

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