Quake-affected kids to holiday in Russia

2008-07-16 13:26:30 GMT       2008-07-16 21:26:30 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


China's Foreign Ministry says 1000 children from quake-stricken areas are set to travel to Russia for a three week holiday to recover from their ordeal. Another 570 children are expected to follow next year. The first groups of 181 children from the affected provinces of Sichuan and Shaanxi will fly to Russia on Thursday.

These first groups of children, aged between 10 and 16, are now in Beijing.

Accompanied by four teachers, a doctor and two interpreters, the students will arrive in Novosibirskaya Oblast on Thursday and they will then be taken to a summer camp.

One quake-affected student from Sichuan said "I brought a camera with me. I want to take the most beautiful pictures of Russia and show them to the students who aren't joining us. "

The kids haven't been to Russia before, but they do have some knowledge about Russia.

Another quake-affected student from Sichuan said "Russia has a small population but it has very rich natural resources."

Another quake-affected student from Sichuan said "I know a few easy Russian words."

Another quake-affected student from Sichuan said "I've prepared some gifts for Russian children."

One teacher from Sichuan said "We must first of all ensure the safety of the children and also let them relax and recover from the ordeal of the quake."

In the next few days, more students from Shaanxi as well as from Gansu will head to Russia. Organizers hope the youngsters will adjust to the different environment and enjoy their holiday.

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