Quake-hit students spend joyous day with President Hu

2008-07-17 09:33:55 GMT       2008-07-17 17:33:55 (Beijing Time)       CCTV


A thousand Chinese children from the earthquake zone in Sichuan province are heading to Russia for a holiday and for medical treatment. Earlier, President Hu Jintao met some of the survivors at Zhongnanhai.

Walking out of the shadow of the earthquake, these children are looking to get on with their lives.

On the day before leaving for Russia, these children from the quake-hit Sichuan, Gansu and Shannxi provinces received a surprise send-off party from President Hu Jintao.

Many of the children suffered in the massive earthquake, and some even become orphans. But they are not alone.

Hu Jintao said "You lost your family members after the earthquake. But in the big family of the motherland, more people will care for you. The Party and the government will help you in your life and studies, and bring you up in a healthy and happy environment like other children. I hope you can overcome the difficulties and work hard to create a beautiful life of your own."

Hu Jintao asked about the recovery of the children who were injured in the quake, and he encouraged them to be strong.

Hu Jintao said "After suffering in this disaster, I belive you will become stronger and braver. I hope that with courage and willpower to heal the wounds, you'll survive all the difficulties in your life, and become strong in life and study."

The Chinese President also praised the children who risked their lives to save others. He then wished them all a happy time in Russia.

The first group of 181 children from the quake zone will fly to Russia on Thursday and attend a summer camp. Teachers, doctors and interpreters will join them.

One teacher from Sichuan said "We must first of all ensure the safety of the children... and also let them relax and recover from the ordeal of the quake."

Many children are excited about the trip.

One student from Sichuan said "I brought a camera with me. I want to take the most beautiful pictures of Russia and show them to the students who aren't joining us. "

Another student from Sichuan said "I've prepared some gifts for the Russian children."

In the next few days, more students will fly to Russia for recovery. And over 570 children are expected to follow next year. Organizers hope the youngsters will adjust to the different environment and enjoy their Russian experience.

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