China urges settlement of energy disputes through dialogue and consultation

2007-12-25 19:41:27 Xinhua English

BEIJING, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- China urged in its first-ever white paper on energy conditions and policies, released on Wednesday, that countries should settle disputes and resolve contradictions in the energy field through dialogue and consultation.

"Energy issues should not be politicized, and triggering antagonism as well as the use of force should be avoided," says the white paper, titled "China's Energy Conditions and Policies".

The paper emphasizes that the international community should work collaboratively to maintain stability in oil producing and exporting countries, especially those in the Middle East, to ensure the security of international energy transport routes and avoid geopolitical conflicts that affect the world's energy supply.

"Safeguarding world peace and regional stability is the prerequisite for global energy security," the paper says.

To safeguard world energy security, the international community should also intensify mutually beneficial cooperation in energy exploration and utilization, it says.

It is imperative to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between energy exporting countries and energy consuming countries, as well as among the energy consuming countries themselves, it adds.

The international community should strengthen consultation and coordination as regards energy policies, improve international energy market monitoring and emergency response mechanisms, promote oil and natural gas development to increase energy supply, realize globalization and diversification of energy supply, ensure stable and sustainable energy supply internationally, maintain reasonable international energy prices and ensure that each country's energy demands are met, the paper says.

The paper highlights the idea that the international community should work hard to set up a system to develop and popularize advanced technology.

The white paper also says that it is necessary to actively advocate cooperation in highly efficient utilization of fossil fuels, encourage international cooperation in major energy technologies in the fields of renewable energy, hydrogen energy and nuclear energy, and to explore resources for a future world energy supply system using resources that are clean, economical, safe and reliable.

Aiming at the sustainable development of humanity, the international community should carefully handle the problems concerning capital input, intellectual property rights protection and popularization of advanced technology, to benefit all countries and allow them to share humanity's achievements, it says.