Japan-China friendship organization submits 5-point proposal to Fukuda

2007-12-25 22:41:37 Xinhua English

TOKYO, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- Japan-China Society, a friendship organization between the two countries, submitted a five-point proposal on bilateral ties to the Japanese prime minister, the organization told Xinhua Wednesday.

Takeshi Noda, president of the Japan-China Society, presented the proposal during a meeting with Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda on Tuesday, two days before Fukuda's four-day official visit to China.

The organization suggested that a fourth document on Japan-China relations should be brought into being, covering areas such as the establishment of strategic, mutually beneficial ties, Noda said.

Japan and China have signed three key political documents on ties so far, including the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement, the Peace and Friendship Treaty and the Sino-Japanese Joint Declaration.

The proposal also suggested that the Taiwan issue be properly handled on the basis of the Japan-China Joint Statement and cooperation with China be expanded in areas of environmental protection and energy saving.

The organization also said that youth exchanges between the two countries should be further promoted next year and reciprocal cultural centers in Tokyo and Beijing should be set up at an early date.

Fukuda told Noda that he would consider these suggestions and seek to promote bilateral friendship while meeting with Chinese leaders.