Japanese PM states four "no"s on Taiwan issue

2007-12-27 23:40:00 Xinhua English

BEIJING, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said on Friday that Japan does not support Taiwan authorities' attempts to seek UN membership through "referendum" and moves that may change status quo of the cross-Strait relations.

Fukuda stressed that Japan would give no support to the claims of "one China, one Taiwan", "Taiwan independence" or Taiwan authorities' attempts to join the United Nations and to seek UN membership through "referendum".

Fukuda made the remarks during his talks with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao here.

"We know that the Taiwan issue concerns China's fundamental interests and we have been keeping our promises," he said.

He noted that there had been no change in Japan's stance on the Taiwan issue as stated in the Japan-China Joint Statement.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed his appreciation to Fukuda's solemn announcement of Japan's opposition to "UN membership referendum" by Taiwan authorities.

"China values Japan's stance of insisting the one-China policy and opposing 'Taiwan independence'," Wen said.

He described proper handling of historical issues and the issue of Taiwan as the "political basis" for improving and strengthening the China-Japan relations.

Wen said, both sides expressed that they would abide by the three key political documents on bilateral ties, including the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement, the Peace and Friendship Treaty and the Sino-Japanese Joint Declaration.

The talks between Wen and Fukuda on Friday morning lasted two and a half hours and the two leaders also witnessed the signing of a series of cooperative agreements.

Fukuda arrived in Beijing on Thursday afternoon for the start of an official visit, which runs until Dec. 30.