Wife keeps elderly man alive for 11 days

2008-05-26 00:40:17 GMT       2008-05-26 08:40:17 (Beijing Time)        China Daily      

A partially-paralyzed 80-year-old man was pulled alive from the rubble some 266 hours after the May 12 earthquake, CCTV reported yesterday.

The miracle rescue was conducted by a Shanghai police team on Friday in Mianzhu city of Sichuan province.

Xiao Zhihu, the latest success story of the rescue efforts still ongoing in the quake-hit regions, is in stable condition in a tent, it was reported yesterday.

After being trapped under a collapsed pillar of his house, Xiao was fed and attended to by his wife, who was outside their home when the quake hit on May 12.

Last Friday, Xiao's wife sought help from rescuers from Shanghai who were then patrolling near their home - and they finally extracted the man from the rubble.

Xiao's wife, elderly and weak, could not travel the long distance out of the remote village where they lived to ask for help, Shanghai-based Liberation Daily reported.

However, the numerous aftershocks were no deterrent as she kept a constant vigil till help came, the paper said.

Xiao was reportedly part of the People's Volunteer Army which crossed the Yalu River in the 1950s to help the Koreans fight American aggressors.

China Daily

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