Manuals issued to help citizens escape terrorist attacks

2008-07-18 02:52:22 GMT       2008-07-18 10:52:22 (Beijing Time)       China Daily

BEIJING -- China's Ministry of Public Security on Thursday issued a manual to help citizens survive terrorist attacks as the country was tightening security in the last-minute preparation for the Olympic Games.

Chinese police invited experts in this field to work out such a manual to teach citizens how to discover possible terrorist attacks, to take proper actions in face of such attacks and minimize damages.

The book included 39 scenarios of terrorist attacks including explosion, arson, kidnap, shooting and even attacks of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

It teaches people how to identify suspicious substances, for instance, a bomb, and how to help themselves and each other in such dangerous conditions as being kidnapped by terrorists.

"What to do after being abducted? Please try your best to stay calm. Don't fight back, don't meet kidnappers' eyes, don't talk, move slowly and try your best to hide your communication devices," the manual said. "Lie face down on the ground when the police attack the terrorists."

"The book is practical. If correctly following its instruction, citizens are very much likely to escape and even stop a terrorist attack," the statement said.

Beijing and other Olympic co-host cities are stepping up security measures. Airports in these cities will adopt twice security checks from July 20 and passengers are required to show their IDs to buy bus, train and ship tickets to these cities. The police have set up checkpoints along the highways in and out of Beijing.

The police also announced awards ranging from 10,000 to 500,000 yuan (1,449 to 72,463 US dollars) for people providing useful tips to stop serious crimes during the Games.

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