Woman saved by bus driver right before jumping into river

2015-10-26 07:13:49 GMT2015-10-26 15:13:49(Beijing Time)  SINA English

Bian Pengfei, a driver for the D2 bus in Nanjing, saved the life of a woman who tried to commit suicide on the Changjiang Bridge on Sunday, October 25.

Bian saw a woman of about 30 years old trying to crawl over the railings when he was driving the D2 bus on the bridge. Startled, he braked sharply and rushed over to her.

When Bian reached the woman, she was just about to fall. Her right leg was already out of the railing. Bian gripped her tightly and held her back to the bridge.

However, as Bian was holding the women, she kept resisting him from rescuing her.

“Leave me alone, just let me go to hell,” she cried and shouted. A passenger on the bus also came and helped Bian.

The woman was brought back to the bridge and then onto the bus, as there seemed nobody else with her, according to passengers. A passenger called the police.

As the bus continued to drive, passengers began dissuading the woman from committing suicide again. She was picked up by police later in the downtown area.


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