Kindergarten children whipped by teacher in a queue

2015-10-28 03:48:49 GMT2015-10-28 11:48:49(Beijing Time)  SINA English

A video footage about a female instructor whipping children in a kindergarten went viral online recently.

The 1’30” video clip titled “Children in the Hao’ernv Kindergarten blamed and beaten” was filmed by a resident living in the opposite building of the kindergarten. It recorded the whole process of the children being “blamed and beaten”.

The video shows that a female teacher in a light-blue shirt waiting at the door of a classroom. Beside her, about 20 students stood in a queue. As the children entered the classroom one by one, the teacher whipped them with a stick (suspected to be a bamboo rod) and cried “Who’s not going to sleep? Who’s not going to bed till now?” Each child got three to five strikes, according to the video.

It is reported that the video was taken in the Hao’ernv Kindergarten of Da’ao County, Xinhui City of Guangdong Province on August 11, 2015, but had not been posted online until September. On October 26, it was forwarded by numerous parents in the local area on their Wechat page.

A teacher surnamed Liang at Hao’ernv Kindergarten rejected to comment on the incident on October 27. But she confirmed that the teacher filmed in the video did work there and did give corporal punishment to students. She said the teacher was already fired.

Sources at the kindergarten also said that the teacher had only worked for one year after she graduated from the Jiangmen Infant Normal School. The kindergarten had convened parents for a meeting on October 26, and promised to give better training for its employees.


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