Anchorwoman saved man from hit-and-run accident, but was framed as the driver

2015-11-03 04:04:44 GMT2015-11-03 12:04:44(Beijing Time)  SINA English

Yao Yu, anchor at a radio station of Nanning City, Guangxi Province, has presented many news stories about people who rescued victims from hit-and-run accidents but received frame-ups rather than thanks, she never expected such things would actually happen to herself.

Yao saw a broken electrical bike in the middle of the road, when she was driving inside the Fengling Tunnel after work at about 10: 30 pm on October 31. Beside the bike, a man was lying on the ground with blood and mud. There were also broken stones and objects seemingly fallen off the bike scattering around.


The cars were driving fast in the tunnel. Many passed without stopping. The man could be ran over again if he was left staying at the roadside.

"I and a car in the front pulled over. I called the police and ambulance immediately. A friend of mine, who is a doctor, was in my car. He checked the man’s conditions and gave him some treatment. Two men from the other car helped to keep other vehicles away from us,” Yao recalled.

As the man with blood seemed delirious, Yao and her friend stayed with him waiting for police and ambulance. Mr.Wei, driver of the other car, left with his friend after the traffic was restored. But he left his phone and plate number to Yao, “In case the man framed her up and said she had hit him. I could be her alibi,” said Mr. Wei.

Mr.Wei’s apprehension became reality. When the ambulance arrived, Yao and her friend were about to leave. However, the man suddenly pushed away the paramedics and climbed on Yao’s car, claiming that she was the pertpetrator of the accident.

The man attacked Yao’s car windows, took pictures of her car and hurled swears at her.

“I was angry and frightened. My body was shaking and I felt that I couldn’t move,” Yao said.

When the police arrived with the man’s friend, Yao showed them the surveillance video installed in her car, which proved that she only stopped to help the man.

The man, almost immediately, changed his tone and said “You’re a good person, you will be blessed” to Yao. But he hadn’t shown guilty nor gratefulness in the whole process, according to Yao.

Yao arrived home around 3 am with blood and mud all over her cloths. She said she cried loud as soon as she entered the apartment.

“Had I not the video camera in my car, or had there not be anyone around, who’s going to prove the rescuer’s innocence?”

The incident sparked discussions on Weibo.

“I would not be brave enough to save the man. I mean, sometimes you can’t get off when there’s no witness,” commented Weibo blogger @秋天的太阳.

“If we allow this kind of things recurring, our moral bottom line will finally disappear,” wrote @manson.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to be the good person, but if I were there, I’d have stopped as well. Kind-hearted anchorwoman, may peace be with you,” said @芳努力矜持.

As for Yao, she said she would still give out a helping hand in the future if needed, “After all, it’s only the minority (who frames up their rescuers).”


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