Xi calls for preventing repeat of historical tragedy in cross-Strait ties

2015-11-07 08:31:29 GMT2015-11-07 16:31:29(Beijing Time)  Xinhua English

SINGAPORE, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping called on the two sides across the Taiwan Strait to prevent historical tragedy from repeating itself in a historic meeting between leaders across the Strait in Singapore Saturday.

"At present, we are at the crossroads for choosing the direction and path for future development in cross-Strait relations," Xi told Ma Ying-jeou.

"We are sitting together today to prevent the historical tragedy from repeating itself, prevent the fruits from peaceful development of cross-Strait ties from being lost again, enable compatriots across the Strait to continue to create a peaceful life, and enable our next generations to share a bright future," Xi said.

Editor: Zhao Wei
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