Man falls out of entertainment facility, dies on spot

2016-02-24 06:59:23 GMT2016-02-24 14:59:23(Beijing Time)  Sina English

A man fell out of an entertainment facility in an amusement park at Mianchi county, Henan province on February 22, 2016. He was sent to hospital immediately, but all rescue efforts failed to work.

The incident happened around 1:23 pm, when the machine called “reaching the moon” started and sent a bunch of visitors up in the air. Suddenly a man fell off from the chair and hit right on the ground.

The man died on the spot. His face and head were bleeding, according to the witnesses. Some said the seatbelts broke off all of a sudden, but it was not confirmed by the machine operators.

Employees of the amusement park who were involved in the incident have already been detained by police, while cause of the tragedy remained unclear.

The victim, a native 30 year-old man, was said to be a father of two girls. He came with his first daughter, who was four years old, to the amusement park, while his second daughter was born just a month ago.


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