Across China: American stunt performer pursues water show dream in China

2021-06-08 10:35:37 GMT2021-06-08 18:35:37(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

TIANJIN, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Jonny Moore and his stunt team jumped off the deck of an aircraft carrier, lit themselves on fire and then splashed through the water on jet skis, garnering thunderous applause from the audience.

It was an action-packed show at the Tianjin TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park in north China's Tianjin Municipality. Moore, 32, an American stunt performer, played a leading role as a special forces officer tasked with protecting the aircraft carrier and its crew from a "pirate attack."

When he was young, Moore was once fascinated by a high diving show he watched and dreamed of being a water-based stunt performer.

He later came to China, and the Tianjin TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park gave him the chance.

"I have been working here for about seven years. What I really love about this park is that it has something that no other park has -- a real aircraft carrier," Moore said.

The aircraft carrier in the park was created by the Soviet Union in 1970 and retired in 1994. It has been permanently parked in Tianjin in 2000. Since then, a theme park has been constructed in the area.

"I was super excited to find out that the aircraft carrier would be a part of our performance, especially knowing that I was going to jump from it," Moore said.

After years of training, Moore's team can perform many thrilling stunts such as diving, and his skin is tanned from performing under the scorching sun.

"For me, It's a blessing to do something I truly love," he said.

Even though the team is quite familiar with the performance, they run equipment checks regularly to ensure safety. They also spent a full month rehearsing to practice the safest ways of performing the dangerous stunts.

Influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, their show was suspended for about one and a half years, reopening in May of this year. Attendance steadily began to rise.

"As time goes by, we will have larger audiences. Hopefully, by mid-summer, we will have a packed house for every show," Moore said.

During his 11 years in China, Moore married to a Chinese girl and has two lovely children. Out of his love for the water, the family often travels to China's seaside and is impressed by the beautiful scenery.

"I think China is doing a very good job in protecting the ocean, seas and marine life," he said.

Now the country has become his second home. "There is still a lot more that we really want to go and see here. I really enjoy seeing China getting better and better," Moore said. Enditem