Feature: What do Hong Kong residents expect from upcoming LegCo election?

2021-12-18 17:05:46 GMT2021-12-19 01:05:46(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

HONG KONG, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- As the Legislative Council (LegCo) election approaches, people from all walks of life in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) believed that the new electoral system will create a new atmosphere to the LegCo.

Billboards with slogans like "Improve Electoral System, Ensure Patriots Administering Hong Kong," and "Casting Your Vote for Hong Kong -- Our Home" were seen along the streets of Hong Kong, appealing to voters to cast their ballots in the seventh-term LegCo election to be held on Sunday.

"Me and all of my family members who are eligible voters will go out to vote," Ho, who does administrative work, told Xinhua, as she believed the upcoming election will bring a brand new look to Hong Kong.

The LegCo election, the first since the improvements to the electoral system of the HKSAR earlier this year, will see a total of 90 members, including 20 from geographical constituencies, 30 from functional constituencies, and 40 from the Election Committee constituency be returned.

Ensuring the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong," the improved electoral system also features the characteristics of broad representation, political inclusiveness, balanced participation and fair competition.

Many in Hong Kong believed that this will help solve deep-seated problems in the society.

Sharon Ma, who recently retired, expressed her wish to see solutions to the housing problems that have been troubling Hong Kong for many decades.

Chan, a mother of two in her 40s, was especially concerned about education matters. She was deeply worried two years ago when she saw how the social unrest and violence had disrupted the children's learning and school life.

"As a mother, it was very distressing to see my children being affected," she said, noting the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong" is very important to ensure the future development of Hong Kong is on the right track.

Tsang, who is in his 60s and lives in Kowloon area, said he has full confidence in the new LegCo under the improved electoral system, believing that the LegCo members will represent people's will and push for the improvement of people's livelihood by the HKSAR government.

According to a survey conducted in December by Youth Vision HK, a policy research and youth organization in Hong Kong, more than 70 percent of respondents believed that candidates of the upcoming LegCo election have broad representation covering a wide political spectrum, while nearly 60 percent believed that the new-term LegCo will effectively supervise the HKSAR government in boosting Hong Kong's economy and improving people's livelihood.

The younger generation is also looking forward to the election. Fan in her 20s has been following the upcoming election closely.

"I think voting is a kind of civic responsibility," Fan said. "Everyone, especially young people, should express their care for the Hong Kong society by voting."

Olivia Wong, a 23-year-old accountant who regularly participates in volunteering services, has witnessed the social problems in Hong Kong.

"I visited a lot of senior people living alone and people living in subdivided units," she said. "I hope their living conditions will be improved."

Wong also noticed that many young candidates are running for the election with pragmatic election platforms. She hoped that capable and responsible LegCo members will be elected to serve Hong Kong. Enditem