'American Idol' Season 12: Top 10 Girls Go Live in Vegas

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Ten girls, 50 votes a pop. This is your "American Idol."

On Tuesday the singing comp kicked off a bloated three-episode week with the live debut of the Top 10 girls and a new voting system that gives fans the power to log 50 votes at a time. (The votes can all be given to one contestant or divided among several, but wouldn't it just be easier if everyone voted once?)

So how did the Top 10 girls do -- and are any of them worth a 50-vote bounty?

Zoanette Johnson -- "What's Love Got to Do with It"

The girl who gave us a wacky "Star Spangled Banner" audition almost seemed like a joke contestant from the get go, until last week's performance of "Circle of Life," when we finally saw what the judges saw in her. But Zoanette's screechy live performance was a huge step back. Randy Jackson critiqued this train wreck best: "That was a mess, babe."

Breanna Steer -- "Flaws and All"

Note to Breanna Steer: Beyonce already exists. But this 18-year old Louisiana native has made it clear she wants to follow in Bey's footsteps, hence this "safe" (Randy's word) song pick. Keith Urban gave Bree a thumbs up for finding "the right songs that shows who you are as a singer," while Nicki Minaj thought this was the "absolute wrong song" for Breanna. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey liked the "unique song choice." Can you say mixed messages? Looks like the judges have flaws and all.

Aubrey Cleland -- "Big Girls Don't Cry"

You say vibrato, Randy says vibrata. Either way, this girl reaped praise (and mucho shout outs for her beauty), complete with a Rihanna comparison and this Mariah remark: "You so obviously have multi-platinum potential." Randy told this beauty queen, "There's something really current and really infectious about you."

Janelle Arthur -- "If I Can Dream"

And now for the critique of the night, courtesy of Nicki Minaj. The rapper dubbed Janelle Arthur "a little marshmallow that I want to eat." Which in return gave us this unfortunate retort from Ryan Seacrest: "If you want s'more of Janelle… sorry, I was born with this much cheese. I'm Swiss! Cheesy." But back to the music. This country singer's Elvis redo was classic throwback.

Tenna Torres -- "Lost Lyrics"

When an "Idol" judge's commentary turns to your anatomy, you may be in trouble. Nicki's "I like your boobs" comment to Tenna Torres was dissed by Randy, whom the rapper then called a "damn goody two-shoes." Nicki also said she liked Tenna's hair this week; this after she called the 28-year old out for her frumpy 'do last week. Mariah left the "Idol" wannabe with these parting words: "I love you, and I hope America loves you too."

Angela Miller -- "Never Gone"

The girls' frontrunner made a bold move with her song pick this week, when she sang an original song from last season's 7th place finisher, Colton Dixon. The newly named "Angie" gave Dixon a shout out for his tour, while Nicki Minaj impatiently asked "Idol" producers to get this girl a record deal, like now! Can Nigel [Lythgoe] just let you off 'Idol' so you can make an album?" Nicki asked. Like the show that she's being paid millions to judge on is a roadblock or something.

Amber Holcomb -- "I Believe In You and Me"

Speaking of Nicki, she didn't hold back when it came to endorsing her favorite. In fact, she commanded her Barbz: "Vote for Amber." (Hmm, is that even allowed? 15 million Twitter followers times 50 votes equals…?) Of course, Amber deserved Queen Nicki's praise. Not everyone can take on the late great Whitney Houston with such ease. While Nicki said Amber's vocals "surpass this competition" (which is sort of a diss on the competition), Randy declared, "I do believe that Amber is definitely in it to win it right now!"

Kree Harrison -- "Stronger"

Weirdest exchange of the night, which had nothing to do with this guaranteed finalist's flawless vocals.

Nicki: "You already know that you're my wife."

Kree: "I'm just trying to do my wife proud."

Of course, that didn't trump Keith Urban's corny critique: "The first letters in 'Idol' are 'I' 'do,' and I do love to hear you sing."

Adriana Latonio -- "Stand Up for Love"

Let's face it, five of these girls are going home this week and this little girl may be one of them. After her pageanty performance of a Destiny's Child song, Nicki all but dismissed Adriana Latonio from her "Idol" duties, telling her, "After Angie, Amber and Kree, I would suggest that you work a little bit and come back next year." That can't happen -- Top 20 finishers aren't allowed to come back -- so if fans want to see more of this 17-year old, they need to log their 50 votes pronto.

Candice Glover -- "Ordinary People"

Randy Jackson called this returning singer "ridiculous," but in a good way. After Candice Glover belted out this John Legend song, the Top Dawg said, "That was ridiculous, because you sang notes that people don't even understand how they could fit into a chord." Sounds like music-speak to us, but suffice it to say this girl is in it to win it.


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