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Dressed in a coffee shop coat incubator: big shareholders gathered

2012-10-31 06:39:50 GMT2012-10-31 14:39:50(Beijing Time)

3W cafe located in Zhongguancun, with nearly 200 from the Internet, the investment community, shareholders, many of whom are "big names". Here is the incubator, and exchange platform for angel investors and entrepreneurs. Over the past six months, a total of over 150 entrepreneurs in the the 3W coffee shop with more than 20 investment institutions face to face contact.

The 3W cafe set up venture capital exchange platform for six months, over 150 entrepreneurs and more than 20 investment institutions in this contact

Self the Sina southbound, or the East to the west, we could easily find the one called "3W" cafe.

Funny the way the external walls of glass, painted with "Google", "Youku" and other Internet giants alienation of the LOGO on its internal wall, surrounding painted are Ma, Xiao-Ping Xu and industry The bigwigs in the "Super Mario" on the runway top mushroom "cartoon.

These details are clear, 3W coffee with those general literary range of children's cafe has a different theme. In fact, the shareholders of the Internet, the investment community for nearly 200 cafes, is a business incubator.

Providing venture capital investment docking platform

Coffee shop for angel investors and entrepreneurs to build a platform over the past six months, a total of over 150 entrepreneurs in the the 3W coffee shop with more than 20 investment institutions face to face contact.

Every Thursday afternoon, the 3W cafe co-founder of Madelung, will cafe on the second floor corner of the blond curtains drawn. The privacy of communication between the curtains inside, angel investors and entrepreneurs, often by a pot of coffee.

Investors came to the coffee shop a week is different, but all claim to be industry leaders. May 3, Madelung said Innovation Works, Cao Fei, clear capital, Ye Bin, people have come to 3W investors afternoon looking for investment projects. Entrepreneurs sitting opposite them, mostly young and full of dreams. And in the hands of mobile terminal, web games, projects, and increasingly are seeking funding support.

However, not every hand the entrepreneurs have enough lucky, able to face communication with the angels twelve. Madelung said the entrepreneurs to participate in the "Investors afternoon, after he and the team's first screening. "Do not fly" to weed out from a dozen entrepreneurs to elect five relatively appropriate.

Education, occupational background of the entrepreneur or founding team, the project's core competitiveness, etc., are Madelung screening project reference standard. Primaries entrepreneurs able to get venture capital, "but also his angel investors in the afternoon tea communication, there is no 'eye margin'." Investors and entrepreneurs "touched upon" the sides even communication for two and a half hours, "Otherwise, it may be five minutes the will Xiazhukeling".

According to Madelung, over the past six months, a total of over 150 entrepreneurs in the the 3W coffee shop with more than 20 investment institutions face to face contact, where two people were to get 2 million U.S. dollars of venture capital, in addition, there are ten Several projects have in-depth follow-up stage.

Recommended by 3W entrepreneurs, are the industry's elite. "Really serious fund founder Xu Xiaoping, had approached the 20 young entrepreneurs in the Madelung their recommended and encouraged young people in today's most open and free of Internet field, creating more "anti-life parabola.

Big shareholders gathered in coffee shops

According to reports, a 3W cafe more than 100 shareholders, including Neil Shen, "celebrity" than the return on investment of a few million worth of cafe, big shareholders, and pay more attention to the project docking platform provided by the cafe and the resulting derived from the circle of contacts.

In another co-founder Bao Chunhua opinion, 3W cafe is essentially the one wearing a coffee shop coat incubator. Interestingly, this was born in August last year, an "incubator", a little bit by accident.

That was one night in November 2010, 3W cafe's founder Xu alone and everyone to do the friends of the Internet, chat in a cafe. Before the start of the party, to the end to fees on the grounds, let us add the money, Bao Chunhua said.

In some quarrel with the waiter, this group not kenga money Internet practitioners who jumped out a thought, "Why do not we open a coffee shop." As a result, the Internet and industry investment analysis in the dual background of Xu alone, then open the idea of ​​the cafe ", sent to their own microblogging, cafes recruit shareholders.

Surprisingly, the abnormal smooth the 3W cafe shareholders recruitment. "A lot of Internet Gangster and investors have expressed interest.", According to Bao Chunhua, a more than 100 shareholders, almost all the "celebrity", such as Tencent, co-founder, Chairman of Kuehne & Nagel investment Zeng Liqing, Sequoia Capital partner Neil Shen.

However, the rich people get together, and not necessarily all good. Become a network of people circle "in order to prevent the shareholders holding a disproportionately large share leaving the coffee shop to deviate from the" original intention to discuss the decision several promoters, each shareholder can only invested 60,000 yuan to purchase the stock of 6000 yuan per share of the coffee shop 10 shares.

"We signed with each shareholder agreement, agreed to the hair once a financial report every six months, after the coffee shop business is booming dividends." Bao Chunhua said. Madelung say that, compared to the tens of thousands of pieces of the return on investment, these big shareholders, pay more attention to the coffee shop project docking platform and derived therefrom, the circle of contacts.

Internet circle "Dragon Inn"

Cafes increasingly close relationship between the original shareholders who rely on networking. The past six months, the of 3W cafe organization or cooperation Sharon a total of 137 games.

According to Madelung, since 3W cafe officially opened, many shareholders between the number of coffee shops very often, "such as the well-known investors, fixed per week Monday and Thursday will come to the coffee shop office, as well as with entrepreneurs exchanges".

"A seemingly ordinary customer was drinking coffee, it may be the big brother of the industry." In the horse described, 3W cafe just like in the movie gathered in the martial arts master of Dragon Inn. Xu alone issued on May 4 micro-Bo said, "3W coffee shop, see a very familiar look closely, turned out to be Chairman of Hanwang Technology Yingjian.

Cafes increasingly close relationship between the original shareholders who rely on networking. Madelung, for example, had an appointment the next day to talk about cooperation of the two shareholders actually meet in advance of the previous one day their friends 3W cafe dining; Also, in time dining at the same time table of customer, there are three tables from Baidu, "and the previous one hour also just met".

In addition to the convenience of the shareholders meet, 3W cafe will host designed to share the "dry" industry salon or shareholders of a closed-door dinner. "Not long ago, we organized an electricity supplier for the theme of only about a dozen people participated in the small salon," said Bao Chunhua, mid-May to late 3W cafe will also focus on the mobile reading to carry out a top in the industry to participate in the salon.

The data show that over the past six months, the the 3W cafe organization or cooperation of Sharon total of 137 games, covering electric providers, microblogging marketing, open platform, and the four series of mobile Internet, on-site total number of participants up to 8828 people.

Cafe mode, to the nation

3W coffee has taken the first step in the outward urban development, Wuxi, Dalian, Changsha and other cities are interested in the invitation to stay at 3W "the Zhongguancun entrepreneurship and exchange the atmosphere to bring them".

Founded in more than six months reputation of 3W cafe in the venture capital community and the Internet community gradually Long. Baochun Hua, Wuxi, Dalian, Changsha and other cities are interested in the invitation 3W stay, "the atmosphere of the Zhongguancun Venture exchange to bring them.

It is reported that the the 3W cafe has taken out urban development of the first step. Shenzhen Branch immediately fast opening, while Shanghai stores are looking to shop. "Bao Chunhua said the operations of both stores, 3W cafe recently launched the second phase of the shareholders to raise, and now gradually into the end.

The second phase of the shareholders, it seems, short-listed the threshold is higher than the one some - its eligibility requirements for: more than VP or department general manager of Internet companies, has won more than $ 3 million investment in a well-known entrepreneurs or well-known VC partner . At present, including public comment, CEO Zhang Tao, the Huashan Capital founding partner Datong Chen have listed in the two shareholders.

"You represent the future and hope of Zhongguancun." Not long ago, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee main Ren Guohong came to inspect the 3W cafe.

Entrepreneurial service organization grow in Zhongguancun

Since 2011, a new group of "mode of operation, innovation, high level of service platform to build a good" business service agencies, constantly germination and growth in the Zhongguancun demonstration area. These entrepreneurial service organizations formed a new industry known as the "entrepreneurial services".

Zhongguancun Administrative Committee of Statistics, Zhongguancun has been innovative workshops, the Ivy League Pioneer Park, the 3W cafes, Yajie Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur, Venture Circle, Angel sinks, Angel Bay, a dozen incubator for entrepreneurs . Xue Manzi, Kai-fu Lee, Xiao-Ping Xu, Lei Jun 12 local well-known angel investors, angel, also was in March this year, was founded in Zhongguancun. The main mode of operation of these incubators is by grassroots entrepreneurs and investors to create a face-to-face networking opportunities to discover and cultivate quality and growth of early seed companies.

Private venture development of service industries at the same time, Zhongguancun has also implemented support for start-ups to the rapid development of the "Golden Seed Project". Business mentor and entrepreneurial service organization on behalf of the Joint Council for the gold seed companies to provide counseling training, promotion and financing services.

In addition, designed to provide learning opportunities for entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun Venture Forum has been held 69. According to the plan, the 70 venture forums in recent days by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission SME Service Center, director Yiping Speaker, when his speech, the theme of "the general idea of ​​the Government venture capital fund operation mode and Case Studies".


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