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Shanghai's Best Quesadillas

2012-10-17 10:27:32 GMT2012-10-17 18:27:32(Beijing Time)  City Weekend

Need a little more Mexican food in your life? We've tracked down three of the best quesadillas found around town. Next time the craving hits, order one of these cheesy treats.

El Gato Verde | Former French Concession

Besides offering a cheap and reputable safety burrito before a night of hard drinking, El Gato Verde also nails the cheesy, greasy and spicy trifecta with their chicken quesadilla (RMB45). The piping hot and crisp tortilla gives way to a soft and runny interior of cheese that enrobes juicy chunks of chicken and a mix of diced tomatoes, onions and peppers. What sets this quesadilla apart is its spices: it has a faint smoky heat that lingers on the palate after you have finished.

Taco Mama’s | Delivery

Modestly billing itself as a “work in progress,” Taco Mama’s only delivers for now. But judging from the quality of their chunky chicken quesadilla (RMB49 plus RMB15 delivery), we think they should open up a storefront sooner rather than later. Mild white farmer’s cheese is heaped onto a 12-inch tortilla, making the dish a gooey experience without tipping it into dairy overload. But what sends this dish into the top three is the accompanying condiments. We received some of the richest sour cream in Shanghai alongside a salsa punchy enough to cut through the mellow cheese.

PiRO Restaurant and Bar | Jing’an

PiRO has settled into its Shanghai digs quite nicely over the past two years and has become a go-to spot on Burger Mondays. The all-American establishment delivers a toothsome Tex-Mex chunky chicken quesadilla (RMB55) that does not skimp on the chicken and has the highest meat-to-cheese ratio among the contenders. Mozzarella and sharp cheddar mingle among the other ingredients, yet the juicy bird is the star of this show. Be sure you check out their beer margarita (RMB45), a combo of Jose Cuervo and Corona: the tequila / hops / sour mix combo is curiously addictive.


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