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Caliburger: The Saga Continues

2012-10-17 10:36:37 GMT2012-10-17 18:36:37(Beijing Time)  City Weekend

We got some reports of Caliburger being closed over the break, and ... they're kinda right.

The budding chain's Jing'an location is now closed, but they've already got a new Hongkou location set up (see the listing here) and slated to soft open soon. Caliburger's American owners have been pretty much MIA since their opening, so they've brought on Charles Liao as a local partner (you may know him from Handle Bar or Ginseng) and have tasked him with expanding the business.

Charles tells me the Hongkou spot was "teed up from a long time ago," but they're now lining up two more venues in Shanghai as well. One will open in Jing'an by the end of the year, and the other will be somewhere in Xuhui. They're even looking for space in Beijing for one or two spots to open in the first quarter of 2013. 

What'll change? The hours, for one. No more 24-hour eats. Hongkou will be open only during mall hours and Jing'an will be open late but not all through the night. The stores will be smaller too: the original location was 350 sq. meters, Hongkou will be more like 130. Things will get standardized and the menu will expand with some chicken options and side bits like onion rings. The burgers will stay the same, NZ beef patties made to order.

I've always felt Caliburger got a bad rap--its burgers are a bit small, yes, but nothing worthy of the vitriol that's been spat at it over its first year. So, Shanghai, you ready to head up to Hongkou to give Caliburger another shot?


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