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Find of the Week: Baozi at Niu Yibao

2014-01-21 06:16:37 GMT2014-01-21 14:16:37(Beijing Time)  City Weekend


At the risk of sounding hipster-ish, when we first starting going to Niu Yibao (牛一包), it was literally a dark hole in the wall, that just happened to serve Shandong-style baozi the size of hubcaps. Although the lines outside never reached mantou stand oppositeNLGX levels, if you came at any off-peak hours you would certainly be stuck with the second-string filling options. No one chooses to eat cabbage baozi. However, if you timed it right, one of the shop's signature pork-and-green bean or rib-and-green bean baozi would sate even the largest appetite for lunch. When the storefront went dark, we had a minor heart attack. But less than a month later, a brightly lit new interior, spruced up with blond wood tables and ample seating, debuted on that same grungy little corner.

The new baozi are smaller: they fit in the palm of your hand now, and you can eat more than one in a sitting. The dough is fluffier than before, and some of the fillings have taken on an unappetizing gumminess. However, our favorite pork-and-green bean (肉块扁豆, RMB5) baozi still hits the spot. Both the beef-and-onion (牛肉洋葱, RMB6) and carrot, glass noodle and dried shrimp (胡萝卜粉丝虾皮, RMB5) are worth a go as well. And for this price for an extremely filling snack on Gulou, these baozi are hard to beat.



What:  Niu Yibao

Where: 29 Dong Gong Jie (north side of Gulou Dong Dajie),  鼓楼东大街东公街29号

Tel: 6405-7346



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