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Second Bite: Q Mex's New Vegetarian Menu

2014-01-21 06:26:12 GMT2014-01-21 14:26:12(Beijing Time)  City Weekend


Whether it’s just for Meatless Mondays or a full-time commitment, Q Mex is making it much easier to be a vegetarian in Beijing, with a whole new vegetarian menu. We don’t see this menu converting anyone, but those who are already happy to go meat-free will be very satisfied.

The version of the quinoa chili (RMB45) we tried lacked the kidney beans that will be in the final version of the dish—a very good addition to an already tasty, healthy stew, topped generously with avocado and sour cream. The vegetarian tacos (RMB20) would also benefit from additional ingredients, particularly the ones filled with only sautéed veg. A spread of refried beans would add much-needed protein and flavor, though the salsa and guacamole served on the side already make this simple wrap easy to eat.

The tofu spinach taco is definitely better balanced, but we'd like an “add cheese” option for non-vegans. In general, the meatless taco fillings aren’t huge on flavor, but allow the tastes of the other ingredients like the corn tortillas and excellent guacamole to shine. If you do eat meat, we’d also recommend the new breakfast taco, filled with scrambled egg and bacon.

Flavors are bolder and more exciting in the mini tostadas (RMB45), crispy, bite-sized discs topped with a sultry, spicy combo of sundried tomato, kale, mushrooms, pine nuts and salsa. Those who gripe that vegetarian food won’t make you full need only try thetofu kale enchilada (RMB65) to have their misconceptions erased. The hefty dish has a great tanginess from the green sauce and kale, and the melted cheese on top is very welcome.




What: Q Mex

Find it: Gongti Beilu, Courtyard 4,  工体北路4号院

Tel: 6585-3828



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