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Shanghai's Best Interior Decorators

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When decorating (or redecorating) calls for a professional, you’ll want one of Shanghai’s best. Here are three top interior decorators.

Hot Dog Décor

Founded by Asian designer Peter Lam, Hot Dog Décor offers traditional decorating services as well as decorating help towards the purpose of selling or leasing. Lam also provides shopping assistance for those looking for creative input to decorate on their own. With expertise in commercial (retail, restaurant, creative office) and residential (villa, lane house and apartment) design, Lam creates homey and elegant spaces that are each unique to their owner and feel organic.

By mixing different styles and elements together, Lam creates spaces that burst with personality, paying great attention to detail. If you are looking for a professional who will treat your project as his or her own, Lam is without a doubt your designer. Clients praise his imagination, understanding and network of connections—and he is able to find whatever clients need in a short time for a fair price. Lam’s past work includes The Villa, a chic women’s fashion boutique in the former French Concession.

Genco Berk

Genco Berk has more than 30 years of experience in the planning and execution of interior design projects. The international company specializes in high-end projects ranging from residential to retail. Berk is known for using timeless designs to achieve a well-balanced style. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Japan and Europe, they have numerous international clients and prioritize building relationships, starting with meeting their functional and budgeting needs.

Dariel Studio

The renowned interior designers at Dariel Studio elaborate distinctive concepts for living spaces, creative offices, concept stores and high-end hospitality projects (think hotels, spas, clubs, bars and restaurants). The studio has collaborated with many luxury brands and international groups such as Christofle and designs the F&B concepts of celebrated chef David Laris at different venues around China. Dariel’s portfolio features 50-plus projects in Shanghai, Sheshan, Zhouzhuang and Beijing alone. The studio designs for leisure, with both comfort and sophistication in mind.


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