Stargazing guide: Bye bye Piggy, hello Mr Rat

2008-01-25 00:48:49  China Daily      

As the Year of the Pig comes to an end, spare a thought to those open-minded types who bought themselves a little pet piglet. Some pet stores cashed in on the Pig Year and sold specially bred miniature pigs. Other pet-store owners turned out to be big fat fibbers.

One Shanghai couple bought a little pig, which grew to become 135 kg. They kept it too, because they loved it so much but keeping a pet pig on the 20th-floor gives new meaning to living high on the hog.

Chinese horoscope experts say 2008 - the Year of the Rat - is about conservatism and practicality. Here's a rundown on your Chinese sign and my predictions in 2008. My general prediction: All is well.

RAT (1938, 60, 72, 84, 96)

Naturally clever and loves a challenge. Rats love to work alone but the truly successful ones let others into their schemes. Work with others and you will win gold.

OX (1937, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97)

Good leaders, hard-working but can be stubborn. Maybe work on seeing the other point of view and you won't lock horns as much as you did this year.

TIGER (1938, 50, 62, 74, 86, 98)

Fearless, can-do people with many projects buzzing in their minds. Need to calm that over-active mind of yours to better understand the best strategy. Try meditation. If that doesn't work, drink more beer.

RABBIT (1939, 51, 63, 75, 87)

Likable and compassionate nature, however an aversion to conflict means putting important issues on the backburner. Face your fears and move on.

DRAGON (1940, 52, 64, 76, 88)

Natural-born leaders. There are a lot of 30-, 42- and 54-year-olds out there who need to open their ears and get ready to be inspired from the most unlikely people.

SNAKE (1941, 53, 65, 77, 89)

Smart, stylish and hard-working. But is your cherished financial logic restricting your China opportunities? Flash the cash.

HORSE (1942, 54, 66, 78, 90)

A love for open spaces and needs plenty of room to roam. China's a big place. Go to a travel agent now.

GOAT (1943, 55, 67, 79, 91)

Very creative and a knack of empathizing with others, however tends to follow the pack. Stop trying to please everybody all the time.

MONKEY (1944, 56, 68, 80, 92)

High-risk, carefree attitude to life has caused you a few scratches but nothing too bad. That high energy of yours can really take you places.

ROOSTER (1945, 57, 69, 81, 93)

Quick-thinking, well-groomed and practical. Straightforward person, so let people know about your new insights.

DOG (1946, 58, 70, 82, 94)

High-moral standards and forever the loyal buddy. You have a lot of good friends. The Olympic year is a time to make a lot more.

PIG (1947, 59, 71, 83, 95)

Your year is nearly over so enjoy the last few weeks. Pigs feel their best when everyone else is happy around them so why not throw a party before Chinese New Year just for the sake of it. Who ever needed a reason to throw a party?